Electrical plate on metal box

Electrical plate on metal box

– Link to Google Maps where I made the custom map

Many are familiar with Mueller Park in Bountiful, and found it fun to visit. Many are familiar with City Creek Canyon just east of the Utah Capitol Building in Salt Lake City, and also enjoyed going there. Some out there have even hiked from Mueller Park to North Canyon. But how many are aware that you can hike from City Creek Canyon to Mueller Park or North Canyon? There is a hiking trail. Now that’s a more original hike, which many aren’t even aware of.

I thought it would be fun to place a geocache at the trail head of where you can hike from City Creek Canyon. You don’t need to hike the trail to find the cache, but rather just find the trail head. If you are interested in more than just finding the cache but actually hiking, I shared a GPS track at http://www.trimbleoutdoors.com/ViewTrip/1638262 (LINK) which will take you to a ridge where the trail between Mueller Park and North Canyon come together. From there, a GPS track by Backpacker http://www.trimbleoutdoors.com/ViewTrip/16951 (LINK) will take you to either Mueller Park or North Canyon.

Some details about finding the geocache: It’s a small scuba tank container (picture). Once you get to the coordinates, you’ll see a tree log laying across the trail. It’s hanging in a tree on the southwest end of the log.

To get up City Creek Canyon, drive north from “B” Street and 11th Avenue to the City Creek Canyon gate entrance (Canyon Road). Five miles past the gate is Rotary Park. Just before that, there’s a big wooden sign on the left. Just east of that sign and the side stream which comes down, is the trail. From Memorial Day to the end of September, cars are allowed in the canyon on even days, bikes on odd days. Bikes are also allowed the rest of the year, although you’ll have to lock your bike up by where this trail starts since they’re not allowed on the trail. The gate hours for City Creek Canyon are at http://www.slcclassic.com/utilities/ud_citycreek_reservations.htm#anchor2

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Electrical plate on square pole

Electrical plate on square pole

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Hello world!

This park is quite popular with a lot of people in this area.  I have a lot of good memories of this place from when I was younger.

We have all noticed it’s nice to find geocaches with neat things inside.  I thought it would be fun if there was a cache where we traded items from a dollar place/store.  You can get some cool things for only a cheap $1 at these types of places (or if not, please trade something of equal value and in good condition).  It’s always fun when we find caches with good stuff, and make it fair for the next person.

The original five contents in this cache are:

– An LCD watch

– Sunglasses

– A glass cube with a flower vase etched in the center

– 3.5″ X 5″ picture frame

– Kids’ toy plastic horse

The cache container is covered in camo duck tape.  Please put the container back how you found it, and top side up.  If you take your kids and you live in the area, it would be nice to tell them not to tell their friends, so that it doesn’t get muggled.

Also, this is my first cache.  If you have any suggestions to email me, that would be great!

Received permission from the park superintendent to place cache, 3/16/2012

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