So that people will actually visit this park rather than just find the cache and run, there are four stages which bring you to various places in the park. The coordinates for the final stage where the geocache is hidden at are:

N 40 53.6BC’ W 111 52.98A’

To find numbers for A, B, and C, answer these questions by visiting these three stages:

Stage 1: During the summers of 1849 and 1850, more than 2A,000 emigrants passed this way en route to the California gold fields.

Stage 2: There is a playground. How many blue benches are on the perimeter of this playground? Multiply that number by 2 and that’s the number for Coordinate B.

Stage 3: What type of boat do you see? Is it a:

-Sail boat (if so, Coordinate C is 1)
-Santa boat (2)
-Navy ship (3)
-Pirates’ ship (4)
-Motor boat (5)

This is my first micro and multi, second cache altogether, so any feedback would be appreciated. Please don’t include spoilers in your post or pictures of where it’s hidden!

Received permission from the Bountiful Park Superintendent to place caches in public parks within the city, 3/16/2012


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